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Incase the high voltage of the SM has to be raised
from 0V to 1000V, the allowed ramp rate is
If the high voltage has to be raised from 1000V to
1300V please write 2V/sec as the ramp rate.
And to raise the high voltage even further the
ramp rate must be 1V/sec.
After giving the demand voltage and setting 
the correct ramp rate, please press this
button to finally raise the high voltage.
Incase you wish to abort the ramp up/down 
of the SM, just press this button. This
button can be used in some situations for instance : You want
to increase the HV of SMs from 0V to 1000V and the correct
ramp is not set, this button helps you to abort the operation.
After pressing this button, the correct ramp rate can then be
set and                       button can be pressed to again reset the 
    Ramp UP/DOWN