Low Voltage System for STAR-PMD



STAR PMD uses Wiener PL500F Power Supply. For details refer to the Wiener homepage.


Instruction for Local Control of the Crates:


Many power supply parameters may be changed via the alphanumeric control of the

connected fan tray.


The general procedure is:

- Switch the POWER and the MODE switch up simultaneous for 5 seconds. The

display shows „Config: Wait....“ and „Config: Ready !“. Then release both switches.

- If a sub-menu exists, you may now select the sub-menu item (MODE switch

up/down). If no sub-menu exists, you may change the parameter value (MODE

switch up/down)

- To change a parameter of a sub-menu, select it (POWER switch up). The selected

parameter is flashing now.

- You may alter the parameter now (MODE switch up/down)

- After finishing the parameter programming, leave the submenu or configuration

menu (POWER switch down).


Table on the next page gives the description of the parameters.


For now: our settings are as follows for a given channel:


Ilim:   15A

Uadj  0%

Unom  2.9

OVP   8.0

Imax  15A

Umin   2.14

Umax  8V