How to run PmdOnline
 Login as: ssh
 Passwd: with PMD expert/Shift leader
 Now we are running in the following direcotry:

 Run runPmdOnline.C macro in root4star using library 'starpro' as :
 [pmdonline] starpro
 [pmdonline] root4star
  root4star [0] .x runPmdOnline.C
 Then it will open a canvas as:

 Select the option where do you want to process the events:
 1. from Event pool
 2. from .ped or .daq .event.root file
 Select the proper file clicking on 'Open', then select the file(All files)-->'START' --> Browse results
 Then it will open the Browser.
  Then click as:
  PmdOnline --> .make -->pmdonline --> Summary_Hist --> PMD

 For checking pedestal:
 Click on 'Pedestal'.
 Final browser will look like:

 Naming as: Sector-CRAM-Block-Chian
 Check the pedestal for each chain.

For Checking RAWDATA:
 Click on 'RawData'

Naming as: Sector-CRAM-Block
 Check the ADC for each chain OR PMDEdep2D plot.