Taking pedestals

Important : Pedestal run will be taken when there is no beam.
Put all the LVPS CRATEs for all the chains "ON"

 In standalone mode:

 Open two cells:
 Login as:

 ssh pmd@daqman.starp.bnl.gov
 passwd: available with the PMD expert/Shift leader

 1st cell: telnet pmd01
 2nd cell : telnet pmd02

 pmd01> daqSendConfig 0,0,1,0xfff
 pmd02> daqSendConfig 0,0,1,0xfff

 pmd01> daqRunStart ``c1.ped''   (you can give any name.ped)
 pmd02> daqRunStart

 pmd01> pmdTrigger 50

 pmd01> daqRunStop
 pmd02> daqRunStop

 pmd01> daqRunStart
 pmd02> daqRunStart ``c2.ped''  (you can give any name.ped)

 pmd02> pmdTrigger 50

 pmd01> daqRunStop
 pmd02> daqRunStop

 Open another cell:

 ssh pmdonline@pmdonline.starp.bnl.gov
passwd: available with PMD expert/Shift leader

 Give the following command:

 /evp/a/pmd/c1.ped  (give the 1st file name)
/evp/a/pmd/c2.ped  (give the 2nd file name)
 cp pmd_ped.root ./ROOTFILES/c2.root

Click on the chain which one you want to see