SSD in GSTAR Gstar
The SSD geometry for GSTAR formely described in the svttgeo.g file has been decoupled from the SVT and is now described in the sisdgeo directory
  • The SSD volume Tree is available here
  • This page contains the list of volumes and some information on their characteristics.
  • Some drawings of the SSD geometry in GEANT can be found here
  • Material distribution and radiation length plots with the new geometry are here

How to convert the geant Geometry into a root geometry ?
Type the following commands :
unix> staf -w 0
staf> make sisdgeo
staf> rz/file 21 sisdgeo.geom on
staf> quit
unix> g2root sisdgeom.geom sisdgeom.C
unix> root4star
root4star> .x sisdgeo.C
root4star> gGeoManager->SetVisLevel(10);
root4star> gGeoManager->SetVisOption(0);
root4star> gGeoManager->GetVolume("SFMO")->Draw();
which successively :
  • load the geometry into staf
  • save the geometry into a zebra file
  • convert the zebra file into a root macro
  • execute the macros under root
  • set some drawing options
  • draw the SSD mother volume and its daugthers
At this point, a TPad should be opened with a TView that can be manipulated (Front, Top, Side, Perspective, Parallel,...)
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