Tree structure of the SSD-Detector One complete ladder The full STAR-detector including the SSD
SFMO: Mother volume of the detector
SFSM: Mother volume of the Structure
SFDM: Mother volume of the detector
Year 2002: 1 Ladder included
Year 2003: 10 Ladders included (5top; 5 bottom)
Year 2004: 20 Ladders included
Ladder Side view Ladder top view Ladder bottom view
The green marks the
flex part, which
is similar to the black one!
The ladder is point!-symmetric
Be carefull Axis are not equal!!
SSD-Detector Complete SSD-Detector Half SSD-Detector 3/4 ;)
Year 2003 detector setting:
5 ladders on the top
5 ladders on the bottom