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Low Voltage Power Supply

Last Updated: 15 June 1995


24 power supplies in the SVT racks. Each provides 8 V (5 A). Regulation should be 5%.


The Hybrids need +5D, +5A, -2, +6, -6 VDC. These voltages need to be generated and regulated by the readout electronics and sent to the carrier interfaces. The readout electronics require +5D, +5A, -5A, -5ECL VDC for internal operation. All voltages will be generated on the readout cards from 8 VDC supplied by power supplies located in the SVT racks.


72 power supplies to generate other voltages required by SDDs (E1, W0, W1, and S2). These supplies to be located in SVT racks. Each supply to provide -100 VDC. Power conditioners in the readout electronics will generate voltages required.


The silicon drift detectors require various trimming and focusing voltages for operation. Typically W1 = -(60 - 100 VDC), E1 = -(10 - 20) VDC, S1 W1, and W0 = W1/2.

The low voltage power system consists of two sets of primary rack mounted supplies located in the SVT racks to deliver 8 VDC. Power cables connect from the racks to each RO chassis with Cinch-Jones 8 pin power connectors on each end.

The RO backplane will supply the primary power to the RO cards. Each card will have regulators to supply its power requirements. Additionally, the PTB card will have regulators to supply the power for the carrier interface which it is connected to. The regulator ICs are located near the side edge of the cards to allow sufficient conduction to the wedge clamp for transfer to cooling water.

Claude Andre Pruneau
Thu Oct 12 17:29:54 EDT 1995