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Low Voltage Power -- Readout Electronics

Last Updated: 15 June 1995


8 VDC from the SVT racks to the Readout Electronics.


The Readout Electronics requires primary 8 VDC from the SVT racks to provide power both for the Readout Electronics and the Hybrids (through the Carrier Interfaces). The primary power will be supplied by a 50 foot cable using #12 wire and 8 pin 10 A Cinch-Jones connectors to limit the voltage drop to the RO chassis to less than 1 volt.

The power from each RO chassis to its SVT carrier interface will use two of the twisted pairs in the cable for each voltage +5D, +5A, +6, -6, and -2 VDC. The PTB card in the RO chasis will have a 50 pin IDC conncctor. 20 pins will be used for the power and returns to increase reliability. The wire path in the cable will have two #26 wires to limit the voltage drop. The shield will be grounded on the one end nearest the common grounding point to minimize ground loops.

Claude Andre Pruneau
Thu Oct 12 17:29:54 EDT 1995