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Carrier Interface -- Readout Electronics

Last Updated: 15 June 1995


Interfaces between the Readout Electronics and the Carrier Interfaces are required.


These interfaces are needed for power distribution to the Hybrids, high voltage distribution to the SDDs, low voltage distribution to the SDDs, Hybrid timing/control signals, monitor signals, and a path for the Hybrid analog outputs to the Readout Electronics.

This section discusses the Carrier Interface, power distribution to the ladders (low/high voltage), timing and control, etc.

An 8 pin Cinch-Jones plug power connector will be connected to the RO chassis to bring in the 8 VDC power.

+8V pin1

+8Vn pin2

-8V pin3

-8Vn pin4

- pin5

- pin6

- pin7

- pin8

The low voltage power to the SVT will be supplied through a common 50 pin IDC connector using two pins for each voltage and each return (20 pins total)

+5VD pin 1, pin3

+5VDn pin 2, pin4

+5VA pin 5, pin 7

+5VAn pin 6, pin8

+6V pin 9, pin 11

+6Vn pin 10, pin 12

-6V pin 13, pin 15

-6Vn pin 14, pin 16

-2V pin 17, pin 19

-2Vn pin 18, pin 20

Claude Andre Pruneau
Thu Oct 12 17:29:54 EDT 1995