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Online Monitor Software

Last Updated: 7 July 1995 Monitoring is viewed as the set of computational activities required to verify that the SVT subsystem is functioning properly. It requires a timely assessement of the detector performance and quality control of the data acquired.

The task of Monitoring is to insure the subsystem is functioning optimally and has maximal capacity to acquire good quality data. The monitoring of the SVT is splitted between the hardware control system whose task is to insure proper hardware setting and behaviour and the On-Line Monitoring whose task is to verify that the data acquired and the different calibrations performed are of maximal quality.

Details are given for the requirements pertaining to the functionality and operation of On-Line Monitoring of the STAR SVT performance. This section includes definition of the basic functionalty required to monitor the good performance of the SVT. These requirements are paralelled by requirements on the details of software implementation dictated by the hardware implementation.

Claude Andre Pruneau
Thu Oct 12 18:01:54 EDT 1995