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Welcome to the SVT software groups home page

Hopefully you will find here everything you ever wanted to know about the SVT software. If you don't please mail me (Helen) and I'll try to add it.

Here's a clickable map of the SVT reconstruction scheme for fast access to the code you are interested in:

For more information on the SSD specific software go here

The Base Classes.

The SVT base classes are/will be used by all the SVT software.

Go to Marcello's home page for the SVT ONLINE

The Packages.

The name, readiness and synopsis of each of the SVT specific code packages are described below.

Readiness Coding:

- Unknown - Unwritten/out of date - Code being worked on - Code exists but hasn't been run/checked in a while - Code exists need tuning - Ready to rock and roll

SVT Online/Data Access Packages

Package Readiness Synopsis
Raw Data Interface       How to access all the different types of raw data
Online Monitor       Monitors the status of the SVT online
Database       SVT data in the STAR database

SVT Calibration Packages

Package Readiness Synopsis
Pedestal Subtraction       Offline Correction and Subtraction of pedestals
T0 Calculation       Offline correction to determine when events reallly arrive
Drift Velocity Calibration       Drift Velocity Determination based on charge injection
Gain Calibration       Gain Calibration based on MIP tracks
SVT Alignment (SAL)       SVT Internal Alignment based on Residue and Vertex size minimization

SVT Analysis (Reconstruction) Packages

Package Readiness Synopsis
Sequence Finder (StSvtSeqAdjMaker)       Reconstruction of Sequences on the SDD
Cluster Finder (StSvtClusterMaker)       Reconstruction of Points via linking of sequences together.
SVT Hit Deconvolution       Deconvolution of Merged Hit
SVT Hit Fitting and Coord Tranformation       Extracting Coords from SVT hits and conversion to STAR coords
Track Finder - Grouper (SGR) NOT USED!!!       Reconstruction of tracks using a global mapping technique - grouping
Track Finder - Basic (STK) NOT USED!!!       Reconstruction of tracks using a follow your nose technique
SVT dE/dx Module (SPR)       Calculation of Particle Identification
SVT to TPC Vector Vector Matching (SVM) NOT USED!!!       Helix Matching of tracks between TPC and SVT
SVT Geometry Definition (SVG)       Definition of the SVT geometry tables
Track Finder - (EST)       Projects TPC tracks onto SVT/SSD hits
Primary Vertex Reconstruction (SvtVertFind)       Reconstruction of the primary vertex based on SVT hits only.

SVT Simulation Packages

Package Readiness Synopsis
Fast Resolution Simulator (SRS)       Space Point Resolution Simulator
SVT Slow Simulator (StSvtSlowSim)       Slow Simulator for Charge collection in SVT
Track Reconstruction Evaluator (StAssociationMaker)       Track Reconstruction Evaluator


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Created: Oct 21, 1999.
Modified: Jan 26, 2000.
Author: Helen Caines