B.) 2nd report (Jun 9,97) (by Rene)

During the E896 beam time we recorded SDDA data for about 4 days. The analysis of those data started in early March after the tape copying and the distribution of data to the participating institutions (OSU, UT, and WSU) was completed. A group of graduate students, namely Gaspare LoCurto (OSU), Jeff Sheen (WSU), Ying Guo (WSU), Sadek Nehmeh (WSU), and Jun Takahashi (WSU) analyzed the data. The following link provides a connection to the E896-SDDA analysis page, which details the analysis code and shows plenty of results in postscript format.

Link to E896-SDDA analysis page

We are preparing a STAR note which details the results for the STAR collaboration in July. We will also present results during the plenary session.