S V T System Test Status

As you already know, the S V T system test is well underway.

Here are a few preliminary results with current photos and graphics.

System test stand utilizing 4 detectors and 8 hybrid circuits plus 3 dummy detectors and 6 dummy hybrids to simulate a full outer ladder. The stand is also fitted with forced cooled air plus capabilities of water cooling for the hybrids.

A view of the transition board and circuitry for adjusting focusing voltages and injector bias.

The high voltage interface board, carrier interface boards, 1 prototype signal distribution cable (left) and 1 hand made cable, prototype signal and high voltage cables.

This noise histogram is typical of all 4 detectors (24 analog outputs).

Full detector map (480 anodes and 256 time buckets) showing a laser pulse. The scale on right indicates pulse amplitude in volts after pedestal subtraction. The detectors were powered to 800V. Note the PASA response function trailing the pulse.

The same detector with the laser located at the central divide.

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