The Year 1 Ladder

The Year 1 Ladder has just been installed at the 2nd Barrel radius and the 12 0'Clock Position in STAR

The ladder holds 7 wafers of which the 4 (8 hybrids) on the WEST side of STAR are conected to one Read-Out board. However we read out a full Read-Out board which means we "see" 18 hybrids worth of data.

After the July shutdown the other half of the ladder was connected so now we read-out all 7 Hybrids via 2 readout boxes. Hence 36 hybrids worth of data are written to tape.

The Dec'99-April'00 Cosmic data run information

The June-Sept 2000 Au-Au 128 GeV run information

Pedestal Calculation questions

Zero suppresion questions

Noise studies

Sequence Adjusting studies

Hit studies

SVT Hit to TPC track Matching studies

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