Here's my list of things that need doing. Hopefully this pageis all black at some point. A persons name next to the jobs means they are looking into it.

Raw Data

  • Bad anode identification Done Jun and Marcelo
  • Drift Vel. calc from injectors - Petr
  • T0 determination from lasers and E1
  • Noise sigma for hybrids before and after common mode noise subtraction


  • Bad Anode identification - Helen
  • Drift Vel. from hit distribution - Robert
  • Drift vel. stability from looking at lasers - Anja
  • Correlating SVT hits to TPC hits/tracks - Helen & Marcelo
  • Actual track matching
  • Alignment with B=0 data
  • Efficiency as function of drift and anode
  • Do we see any effect of different magnetic fields
  • Do we see any gain differences hybrid to hybrid
  • Best cuts in sequence finding - ASIC and Prob. cuts


  • Common mode noise subtraction using Anode 1&2 - Done Marcelo
  • Embedding into real data - Selemon & Marcelo
  • Getting info. from database
  • Switching around known swapped hybrids from real data - Done Helen
  • Transform finally to STAR global coordinates - Helen
  • Add in correction for PASA response delay
  • Primary vertex locating with SVT only - Noise seems to kill this at the moment - Jun
  • QA of hits - Mean width in anode, timebucket, number of mean no.pixels/hit


  • Geometry in
  • Configuration in
  • Drift vel. in
  • Pedestal and sigma in.
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