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Things to check before we run

2 ladders were removed and re-insalled between year 2 and year 3 so their intra-svt alignmnet will differ. The ladders were L13B3 and L03B3

We need to check the pedestals for L10B2 west hybrids 1 and 2. The software from last year didn't show them swapped but Dave noticed they were in the hardware so switched the cables. Need to check that everything is OK this year.

ASIC Parameters

From Jan 17th to March 4th Seq Hi 0 Seq Lo 2 Thr Hi 8 Thr Lo 3

From March 6th to March 7th Seq Hi 0 Seq Lo 2 Thr Hi 7 Thr Lo 3

From March 7th to end of run Seq Hi 0 Seq Lo 2 Thr Hi 7 Thr Lo 2

Currently, we also write 1 pre and 4 post timebins.


Not there for beginning of run

Bad Anode list

First implemented ~Jan 20th

New list Feb 11 from Run 404200

Black Anodes

Anodes 2 and 239 black at start of run

Feb 10th no longer write out anode 2 black

Feb 11th from run 4042007 no longer write out anode 239 black


Start of run T0 at 15

Jan 24th T0 ~ 8 Dave moved timing so T0 now moves

Feb 5th To moved on 1 RHIC tick so T0 now at 11 ( Bill Christie's note: As of yesterday, the data taken with the modified trigger tier one files, with the bits in the trigger for most of the trigger detectors delayed by one STAR clock tick to line up with the BEMC trigger bits, looked good. Good in this sense means that the trigger data (ADCs, TACs, etc.), as well as the TPC and FTPC data, looked the same as the data taken with the tier one files we've been running with to date.)

Dead Ladders

RDO box East 4 box killed during pole tip access turned off Jan 30th

West 5 back in as of Feb 4.

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