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Data is good after 5013014.

Bad Anode list:

From Start of Run: L11B3 West and L07B3 West are turned off completely or at very low voltage so should see no hits in the real data and are masked as bad for reconstruction.

From Jan 25th: L12B2W was turned off

First list implemented Jan 12th, The list is HERE (this makes 9.99% of the SVT dead).

Cuts used to determine bad anodes are:


254 5 4 0

From March 6th RDOE7 dead

From March 29th RDOW3 and RDOW4 dead

From April 2nd RDOW3 and RDOW4 back

This is during the access between 63 GeV Au-Au and pp running

Black Anodes:

This year there are NO Black anodes


From start of run:

SVT tcd delaytime4 N=26 and for delaytime8 N=44 (makes starting guess T0 = 7)

From Jan 21st 19:20pm AFTER Run 5021150:

delaytime4 N = 24 and delaytime8 = 42 (should move T0 to ~11)


From Start of run:

First guess at V_drifts are here

After run 5021150:

V_drifts are here

Pedestal Offset:

From Start of run:

Offset = 0

After Run 5026008:

Offset = 20

ASIC Parameters:

From start of run they were:

Seq Hi Seq Lo Thr Hi Thr Lo

    0           2           7         2

From Start of run:

Number of timebins before = 0, Number of timebins after = 0

After Run 5026008:

Number of timebins before = 1, Number of timebins after = 4

Helen Caines