Welcome to the home page of the SVT subsystem of STAR.

Here's what the detector looks like in a cut view perpendicular to the beam axis and from the side.

Summary of the SVT detector configuration and operation

The SVT will include 3 barrels composed of respectively 8, 12, and 16 ladders. The ladders will support 4, 6, and 7 SDD wafers on barrel 1, 2, and 3 respectively. There will be a total of 216 wafers.

The barrels are radially positioned at 5.97cm, 10.16cm and 14.91cm. The maximum length of the SVT is 44.1cm and it has an eta coverage of +-1.

Each wafer SDD is 280microns thick silicon with an area of 6x6cm. This makes the total average radiation length of the SVT around 4.5% including the Front End Electronics

The wafers are effectively split in two (continental divide) and are read out at both ends. There are a total of 480 anodes read out per wafer. The signal from each anode is sampled and stored with Switched Capacitor Array (SCA) with a depth of 128 capacitors. This effectively creates a detector with 256x240 pixels per wafer.

This whole operation is led by Rene Bellwied mail Rene or the group mail list if you have any questions

Last Modified: October 21, 1999.
Author: helen.caines@yale.edu