TOFp Local Monitor User's Guide

Following is a simple introduction for the usage of the new local monitor

All the program are in tofp@tofp:~tofp/daq/
~tofp/daq/localmon -> ~tofp/daq/

The new function is we can run multiple instances of the GUI (not
localmon) everywhere (fast network speed and 21# monitor), see

~tofp/daq/localmon/tofplocalmon: server program for receive raw data from
daq, save them to a ascii txt file(~tofp/daq/web/localmon.dat), plot
histograms into a shared map file (/tmp/,

ATTENTION: this program can *only* have one instances, if you run another
instances, it'll either block forever or overwrite the previous saved
histograms. To avoid this, I've writed a shell script
(~tofp/daq/util/localmon) to avoid this, so *please* always use this
program (localmon start|stop|status|restart), and be sure to check the
status each time (before and after) you start|stop|restart the program.
The ascii file is open as append mode, so if you dont't want to mix
recent data with old data, just rename this file to another name, then
restart localmon. This server program don't save any root/ps file, it's
done by monConsole program.

~tofp/daq/localmon/monConsole: GUI program for real time monitor, save
root/ps file, etc...  We can run multiple instances of this program. Its
usage are almost the same as previous localmon. If this program crash,
just kill it then restart, it won't impact the data has been received
unless the localmon crash (if crash, please tell me,:) )

Any comments are welcome!