pVPD Detector and Cable Maps

The pVPD exists are two identical Detectors, one on each side of STAR.
Each pVPD Detector w/ 3 pVPD Detector Assy's (Pb/Sci/PMT/Base/Shield).
Each box below corresponds to one pVPD Detector Assembly.

The azimuthal orientations of the Assemblies about the beam pipe are
labelled in parentheses, and are as viewed from STAR Z=0.

A cabling overview and total timing diagram is HERE. (PDF, 48 kB)

Cable Section Maps, and full-path Relative Timing Data
pVPD pulse timing and area paths (B-C, D).

pVPD 1
(12 o'clock)
B1   D1
pVPD 2
(4 o'clock)
B4   D2
pVPD 3
(8 o'clock)
B6   D3

pVPD 4
(12 o'clock)
B5   D4
pVPD 5
(4 o'clock)
B3   D5
pVPD 6
(8 o'clock)
B7   D6