TOFp Detector and Cable Maps

View corresponds to top view of tray when out of STAR and feet down and || to floor.
Each box below corresponds to a TOFp Slat Assembly.

Written in black is the "Detector Channel Number".
"A-section" pulse timing path cable numbers are in magenta.
"A-section" pulse area path cable numbers are in blue.
Tray eta ~ 0 end shown at the top of this page,
Tray eta ~ 1 end shown at the bottom of this page.

A cabling overview and total timing diagram is HERE. (PDF, 48 kB)

Cable Section Maps, and full-path Relative Timing Data
TOFp pulse timing path (A-B-C).
TOFp pulse area path (A-D).

TOFp 1
A1   A2
TOFp 2
A3   A4
TOFp 3
A5   A6
TOFp 4
A7   A8
TOFp 5
A9   A10
TOFp 6
A11   A12
TOFp 7
A13   A14
TOFp 8
A15   A16
TOFp 9
A17   A18
TOFp 10
A19   A20
TOFp 11
A21   A22
TOFp 12
A23   A24
TOFp 13
A25   A26
TOFp 14
A27   A28
TOFp 15
A29   A30
TOFp 16
A31   A32
TOFp 17
A33   A34
TOFp 18
A35   A36
TOFp 19
A37   A38
TOFp 20
A39   A40
TOFp 21
A41   A42
TOFp 22
A43   A44
TOFp 23
A45   A46
TOFp 24
A47   A48
TOFp 25
A49   A50
TOFp 26
A51   A52
TOFp 27
A53   A54
TOFp 28
A55   A56
TOFp 29
A57   A58
TOFp 30
A59   A60
TOFp 31
A61   A62
TOFp 32
A63   A64
TOFp 33
A65   A66
TOFp 34
A67   A68
TOFp 35
A69   A70
TOFp 36
A71   A72
TOFp 37
A73   A74
TOFp 38
A75   A76
TOFp 39
A77   A78
TOFp 40
A79   A80
TOFp 41
A81   A82