Jorway 41 Output Register

The Model 41 12 bit Output Register is a single width Camac compatable module that meets the requirements of EUR4100e. The Model 41 provides up to 12 bits of information to be extracted from the Dataway Write lines. This information is stored and is available at the front panel as fast N.I.M. level signals, or optionally stored as power drivers. A versitile system of updating the storage registers is offered to provide flexibility of use. Data can be strobed into storage from write lines by function command F16 or F17. On command, F16 data is strobed in at S1 providing D.C. outputs. When pulsed outputs are required, function F17 is used. In response to F17-S1 data will be strobed into storage; at S2, however, all bits in the register will be reset to zero. Each time the register is updated a strobe output signal is generated. In response to F16-S1 it is a 3 usec. pulse. The strobe signal generated in response to F1 7-S1 will last from time S1 to S2, as do the data outputs.

In addition to these modes of operation the register may also be selectively set and reset. In this mode the Da taway Write lines are used as enable lines which select the bits that are to respond to the function requested. Function F20 will set to "1" any bit that has its write input at a logic "1 Function F22 will reset to "O" any bit that has its write input at a logic "1 Both F20 and F22 use strobe S1 to perform the operation.

An N light is provided to visually indicate when the module is addressed.



 Fast N.I.M. outputs, current source
 Logic " O" I out = 0
 Logic "1 " I out = -14ma min.
 Max. output voltage -2v

 Pulse Width:
 In response to F16, D.C. Level output
 In response to F 17, P.W. is time from S1 to S2.

 Option 1. Voltage Outputs, Open Collector
 Logic "O" +100v max.
 Logic "1 " +.5v max.
 Max. power out 250 mw

DATAWAY COMMANDS (all fully decoded)


Overwrites 1 2 bit storage register with data from write lines W1-W12, and generates a strobe output signal.


Same as N-F16-AO-S1


Resets register and strobe output to zero.


Sets to "1" the bits of the storage register that have their Write input at logic "1".


Resets to "O" the bits of the storage register that have their Write lines at a logic "1"



Resets storage register and strobe output to zero.


A "Q" signal is generated in response to commands N - (F 1 6+F 1 7+F20+F22) -AO


INDICATORS An "N" light is provided to visually indicate the module is addressed. The N signal is integrated so that it will respond to a pulse.


+6v 420 ma nominal -6v 200 ma nominal


O'C to 60'C


Single Width Camac Module with protective side shields. Output connectors are Lemo RA 00250 or equivalent.

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