1992 Rack-mount Isothermal Panel




The Model 1992 Isothermal Panel provides a referance junction for up to 31 thermocouples. When configured for non-isothermal operation, the panel permits termination of up to 72 I/O signals. Arranged for 19" rack mounting, the panel occupies one 4.45 cm (1.75 in) of rack space.

The 1992 uses 72 LMI steel cage clamp terminals to receive field wiring. Each terminal accepts a single solid or stranded conductor in wire sized AWG 22 to AWG 14. The rear panel has two 50P Amphenol Ribbon connectors, one 50S High Density connector, and one 68S High Density connector for a wide variety of solutions.


Model 1992-Z1A — Rack-mount Isothermal Termination Panel


Model 5819-Exyz — Cable, 50P High Density to 50P High Density
Model 5819-Fxyz — Cable, 50P High Density to 50S High Density
Model 5819-Hxyz — Cable, 50P High Density to 50P Amphenol Ribbon
Model 5855-Bxyz — Cable, 50S Amphenol Ribbon to 36 AMP Rectangular (up to 2)
Model 5868-Cxyz — Cable, 68P High Density to 68P High Density
Model 5868-Dxyz — Cable, 68P High Density to 68S High Density