TOFp System Procedure:
DAQ PC Reboot After Crash

The DAQ PC is a dual boot machine. One is the "Mini-System" and the other is for normal operations. If for any reason the DAQ PC crashes (power failure, loss of SGIS Global Permissive...) the DAQ PC will boot with the Mini-System. Rebooting "minimally" improves the chances that we can get back in touch with this PC over the network. If any kind of DAQ PC crash occurs, this is the procedure to log in and reboot the DAQ PC to prepare for normal running.
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  1. Access to STAR Subnet.
  2. Password Information (posted at TOF Station in STAR Control Room).
  1. From any terminal window, make a telnet or ssh connection to  ( The username is tofp and the password is posted at the TOF Station in the Control Room.
  2. You will now see:
    [tofp@tofp ~]% telnet tofpdaq
    Connected to
    Escape character is '^]'.
    Red Hat Linux release 6.2 (Zoot)
    Kernel 2.2.14-5.0 on an i686
    This is a mini-System: please CHECK FILE SYSTEM and REBOOT!
    login: tofp
    Last login: Wed Apr 25 10:01:43 on tty1
                =================IMPORTANT NOTICE====================
    Please run ~/bin/fscheck first to ensure the system can reboot safetly!!
    If REBOOT is needed, run ~/bin/reboot, not just reboot!!
    [tofp@tofpdaq ~]%	
  3. Enter
    and hit Return.
  4. You will now see something like this:
    This program check filesystem to ensure the system can reboot safety!
    /dev/hda3: clean, 48906/193152 files, 188965/385560 blocks
  5. To reboot for Normal Running mode enter
    and hit Return.
  6. Contact TOFp Control to inform them about crash.

  7. Note the action in the Shift Log Book.

  1. Contact TOFp Control to inform that procedure is complete, and with any end-of-procedure comments that are necessary.
    Was this procedure successful? Is this documenation understandable and complete?