TOFp System Procedure:
DAQ Local Monitor Startup

This is the procedure to restart the Local Monitoring program. This program is in communication with the TOFp DAQ PC (on the platform) and performs basic histogramming of the TOFp data to monitor the performance of the whole system.
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  1. Seat at TOFp Station in STAR Control Room.
  2. Password Information (posted at TOF Station in STAR Control Room).
  1. Sit down in front of the Control PC at the TOFp Station in the STAR Control Room.
  2. Click on the menubar icon labeled MON
  3. A large window will pop up. The histogram display area is the large area on the left side, and control buttons and text boxes are on the right side.
  1. Contact TOFp Control with any end-of-procedure comments that are necessary. Was this procedure successful? Is this documenation understandable and complete?