TOFp System Procedure:
TOFp High Voltage Monitoring

This is the procedure to start the software that monitors the High Voltage System for the TOFp tray. The tray HV is provided by the "HVSys" System, which is a custom system for TOFp and hence uses custom software for control and monitoring. This software intermittently scans the cells on the HVSys bus and performs checks against reference values. It saves this information to files including time stamps, and it alerts TOFp Control via e-mail directly if a problem is seen.
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  1. Access to STAR Control Room.
  2. STAR Shift Crew Training.
  3. Approval of Shift Leader.
  1. If you have not yet done so, read Section 3, "Monitoring Loop," in the HVSys Users Manual.
  2. Sit in front of the TOFp Control PC, and open a terminal window. Then ssh to the machine (the password is posted at the TOFp Station in the control room.
  3. Start the control program by changing directories then entering the executable's name, i.e.:
    cd ~/hvsys
  4. This starts the "Lite" version of the HVSys control & monitoring program. You will see the program doing certain initialization tasks first. After the initialization is complete, you will see an ascii Menu.
  5. Begin the monitoring by entering (upper case), M
  1. Look at the listing in this terminal window. The numbers are updated every 10 minutes.
  2. Note the voltage listed for Power Line <0>. It should be close to 200 V.
  3. Below this note the 41 pairs of numbers listed, one pair for each cell in the TOFp tray. In brackets is the cell number, and the number pair that follows are voltages in Volts. On the Left of the slash is the actual voltage, and on the right of the slash is the demand voltage.
  4. If the actual and demand voltages differ by a preset amount, the colon (:) between the cell number (in brackets) and the voltages is replaced by an exclamation point (!). Confirm that there are no exclamation points seen in this display
  5. .
  6. Do not exit this program. Simply minimize the monitoring window.
  1. Contact TOFp Control with any end-of-procedure comments that are necessary. Was this procedure successful? Is this documentation understandable and complete?