TOFp System Procedure:
TOFr High Voltage On or Off

This is the procedure how to turn on or off the High Voltage applied in the TOFr tray. There are ~30 MRPC modules inside the tray. Their HV is provided by the CAEN SY-127 System.
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  2. Access to STAR Control Room.
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  4. Approval of Shift Leader.
  1. Sit in front of the TOFp Control PC, and open a terminal window. Then ssh to the machine (the password is posted at the TOFp Station in the control room).
  2. TOFr HV OFF

  3. To turn TOFr HV off, enter:
  4. tofrhv_OFF

    TOFr HV ON

  5. To turn TOFr HV on, enter:
  6. tofrhv_ON
  7. Send an email to to alert the TOFp Experts.
  1. Contact TOFp Control with any end-of-procedure comments that are necessary. Was this procedure successful? Is this documenation understandable and complete?