TOFp System Procedure:
TOFr Low Voltage Systems Adjustment

This is the procedure to modify the Low Voltages provided to the TOFr Tray (~30 FEE boards). Low Voltage powers the on-detector FEE boards.
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  1. Notification and Approval of TOFp Group.
  2. Access to WAH.
  1. Locate the Kepco Low Voltage Supplies in Rack 1B-1. Use the TOFp Rack map to see where these are if necessary.
  2. Note that voltage settings at the power supplies exceed +5V and -5.2V respectively, due to the voltage drop along the LV Bus cables.

  3. There are two separate supplies here. As you face the front of Rack 1B-2, the left supply is the "+6.5V" supply, and the right supply is the "-6.5V" supply.
  4. Read the front panel meters and use the front panel dial to adjust the voltage settings as necessary. Turn the dials very slowly. Do Not overvoltage the FEE.
  5. Read the front panel meters and record the two new voltage settings in Volts and the two new current draws in Amperes.

  1. Contact TOFp Control to inform that procedure is complete, and with any end-of-procedure comments that are necessary.
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