TOFp System Procedure:
TOFp/pVPD Threshold System Level Adjustment

This is the procedure to change the on-detector threshold that is applied along any of the three (3) Threshold System paths in the TOFp System. The three paths are to the TOFp Tray (1 Threshold for all 10 FEE boards), to pVPD East (1 threshold for 1 FEE board), and to pVPD West (1 threshold for 1 FEE board).
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  1. Notification and Approval of TOFp Group.
  2. Access to WAH.
  1. Locate the Threshold Control Panel in Rack 1B-2. Use the TOFp Rack map to see where it is if necessary.
  2. Locate the two switch dials and the two LED displays.
  3. Adjust a switch dial to display the values of interest. There are six values to view: TOFp Set, TOFp Read, pVPD East Set, pVPD East Read, pVPD West Set, pVPD West Read.
  4. With the switch dials set to display the setpoint value (one LED) and the readback value (other LED) for the path of interest (TOFp, pVPD East, or pVPD West), locate the 10-turn dials near the bottom of the front panel of the Threshold Control Panel.
  5. Unlock the appropriate dial and turn slowly to adjust the on-detector threshold. Watch the readback LED to monitor the changing threshold until the desired value is reached.
  6. Relock this dial.
  7. Make a note of this change in the Shift Log Book.
  8. Email this information to TOFp Control.
  1. Contact TOFp Control to inform that procedure is complete, and with any end-of-procedure comments that are necessary.
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