TOFp Systems Procedures: Top Level

This page provides links to all possible procedures related to the TOFp Systems

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Certain procedures may require notification and approval of the TOFp Group and/or the STAR Operations Group. Please read the procedure documentation completely before beginning any procedure.

pVPD HV On/Off Control
TOFp HV On/Off Control
TOFr HV On/Off Control
pVPD High Voltage Monitoring
TOFp High Voltage Monitoring
TOFr High Voltage Monitoring
pVPD High Voltage Adjustment
pVPD LV On/Off Control
TOFp LV On/Off Control
TOFr LV On/Off Control
pVPD Low Voltage Adjustment
TOFp Low Voltage Adjustment
TOFr Low Voltage Adjustment
Low Voltage Visual Monitoring
TOFp/pVPD ThreshSys On/Off Control
TOFr ThreshSys On/Off Control
ThreshSys Visual Monitoring
ThreshSys Level Adjustment
Water Flow Visual Monitoring
pVPD Removal
pVPD Installation

Software & Computing
DAQ PC Reboot After Crash DAQ System Start
DAQ System Status DAQ System Stop
Local Monitor Startup Local Monitor Compare Histograms
Local Monitor Print Histograms Local Monitor Save Reference Set