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STAR TPC Hardware
  Last modified: 18:25 Friday 29-Oct-1999

Drift-Defining Hardware: E-Fields and Gas
Field Cage, Anode Planes, Gas Properties and other issues;
a summary with specifications and dimensions

Pad Plane
Figures, pad and Pad-row ID's, anode-wire/row association,
dimensions and area

Signals and Couplings
Charge division between pad rows and other issues

Wire and MWC Information
Anode-wire terminations and connections to HV and MWC;
MWC instrumentation, readout and conventions

Studies of Several Wire and Pad Configurations for the STAR TPC
Thesis studies to define the optimal configuration for the TPC readout
by Wayne Betts
See also STAR Note 0263

FEE and MWC cards; readout boards; calibration pulsers.

TPC Distortions
Distortions in a non-uniform magnetic field
by Igor Perevoztchikov