Raimond - http://www-rnc.lbl.gov/~snelling/hitfinder
Dave, Nu -  first trs_db result can be seen on
Fuqiang -
* Cosmic data production is halted by an error of segmentation violation
related to V0 and Global. Not all data files had this error, and some
files were processed successfully. The fix to the error is in and Lidia
will continue the production after things are sorted out.

* PDSF/STAR status:

    - bfc runs correctly on both pdsfsu00 and pdsflx01.

    - cons works on both pdsfsu00 and pdsflx01 for the Flow makers.
Presumably it works for other official makers, but not checked.
Currently it uses lang-4.2 version.

    - STAR is switching to CC5 compiler (lang-5.0). It does not work on
PDSF yet. Problem is identified, and being
    worked on.