Moderately Tested! Use at Your Own Risk!

To analyze data simulated by GSTAR you should create a staf executable with the tpc pam in it following instructions by Bill Love.
Here is an example of a kumac to run analysis (slow simulator -> cluster finder-> hit finder).

Files of gstar input for the "slow path"

For a file to be a suitable input for the "slow path", a full parentage information has to be preserved in a gstar output and so called "shadow" inner padrows have to be turned on. So make sure that your gstar kumac contains a line:

mode tpce simu 2

If you use The standard TPC geometry file, the shadow padrows will be turned on. The example kumac will connect you to a VENUS file processed by gstar. Other possible input files are here.

Operating Instructions

Save the example kumac from the Web or copy it from:


to your directory and save it as tpc_slow_sim.kumac (Did you remember to klog???).

Start Staf by following instructions from Bill Love.

Then you can just run simulations chain:

exec tpc_slow_sim input_directory input_file number_of_events

The kumac is set up to process data for one event.