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Data-taking with a Single DAQ Crate


As of May 1999, DAQ supported readout of one crate of 12 receiver boards --- one "hypersector" or two TPC (super)sectors. By mid-June 1999, DAQ had expanded to 3 crates of receiver boards and an event-builder crate. Only the one-crate system is discussed here; we'll call it "DeciDAQ" for now.

DeciDAQ is capable of calculating pedestal means and rms's, then subtracting those pedestals in subsequent runs. Zero-suppression is not currently possible in DeciDAQ.

To be concrete, consider taking data from Sectors 9 and 10; one must connect to tsb09, if the connection is free:

It's not uncommon to have to power-cycle the DAQ crate or to reboot the processor (^x from the tsb09 window), but the "normal" procedure here assumes that the relevant FEE boards are powered and that both they and DAQ are operating properly. In this case:

Running the tpm_daq Pad Monitor to examine data:

(daqman) % cd /data/scratch
(daqman) % tpm_daq &

In the control window:

  1. Select Input Sources; under Files, supply the DataFile name and hit CR (carriage return).

  2. Unselect Input Sources.

  3. Click Get Event

  4. Have fun!!!

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