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MicroDAQ Requirements

The display machine should ---

Tests are usually run on daqman.star.bnl.gov, though rcf.rhic.bnl.gov and sol.star.bnl.gov also work. In principle, rsun00.rhic.bnl.gov, rmds03.rhic.bnl.gov, or sirius.star.bnl.gov should work as well. Event sizes are about 1 MB, so a connection with good bandwidth is highly desireable.

From outside BNL, rsun00.rhic.bnl.gov and rmds03.rhic.bnl.gov must be accessed via a gateway; the rcf.rhic.bnl.gov gateway machine is for "general computing," and it is forbidden to run (even short) analysis jobs on it.

To run ttm and tpm, the machine should:

Two machine-dependent adaptations are often necessary:

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