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MiniDAQ Code

The MiniDAQ code is more-or-less frozen and shouldn't be changed without a compelling reason. Much of it was written by people no longer with STAR (Susanna Jacobson, Chuck McParland and Eugene Yee) --- modify it at your own risk.

The STAR-specific i960 code (written by R.Bossingham) is most likely to need changes, since it handles the output-table contents. It is archived on the STAR Online group's sol.star.bnl.gov computer in /star/sol/onl/cvs/dev/MiniDaq/i960_code/ .

The scoter, wigeon, and gadwall i960's application binary is loaded from:


To update it:

  1. Log into deneb.star.bnl.gov as starmdaq and set up the environment:
         deneb >  source ~starmdaq/.960_env

  2. Edit the i960 sources in:

  3. Compile in the same directory:
        deneb >  make

  4. Link the i960 binary:
        deneb >  cd /home/deneb/minidaq/star/starmdaq/vxapp/devel/tmpRcv/i960_src/
        deneb >  make alltr.o

  5. Reboot MiniDAQ to load the new binary.

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