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Netfeed Hung

PROBLEM: A process connected to a netfeed (e.g., Pad Monitor) has crashed, and now another process cannot connect to the netfeed. The ``netfeeds'' command on scaup, or the netfeed0 EPICS window on the MiniDAQ desktop, shows the netfeed to be still connected.

REMEDY: Tell the netfeed to disconnect.

Press the ``Reconnect'' button on the netfeed display. Or, on scaup, enter the command ``nf0CloseAndReco''.
On scaup, use the command ``nf1CloseAndReco''.

You should see the message

        "netfeedXConnector: deleting request reception task."
with X being 0 or 1, corresponding to the netfeed.

Then, try to connect to the netfeed again.

Written: 15-JUL-1997 by S.R.Jacobson

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