Third Level Trigger

Eleanor Judd, Space Sciences Laboratory and Pablo Yepes, Rice University

Last Update - December 9, 1995

At present L3 is defined as the high level trigger where the information from the slow detectors (TPC and SVT) becomes available. The TPC data will be processed on a sector-by-sector basis, using 1 CPU per sector. Each CPU will also have access to the fast detector data (TOF and EMC) corresponding to at least that sector. The final Level 3 trigger decision will be made by another (25th) CPU that combines the results from all 24 sectors.

From this page you can access documents describing the physics we are aiming to trigger on, the many technical problems studied and to be studied.

Level 3 Physics Triggers by detector

The present ideas on how the information from different detectors will be used in L3 can be found in the following documents:

Level 3 Technical Issues

A description of the technical issues that need to be solved in order to implement these trigger ideas, all of which affect DAQ hardware and architecture, can be found in the following documents:



  1. STAR Level 3 Trigger Simulations, by Eleanor Judd , December 1st, 1995
  2. Fast Finder of Tracks, by Pablo Yepes , December 1st, 1995
  3. Track Finding and TOF Particle Identification with various TPC Pad-row Patterns , by Pablo Yepes , March 24, 1995 ( STAR Note 207).


  • Reconstructing the Parameters of Charged Particle Hits in the SDD. , by V.L. Rykov , ( STAR Note 223 ).

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