SVT Third Level Trigger


Rene Bellwied, Wayne State University February 13, 1995


Summary of present trigger considerations by SVT group (January 95)

The SVT considers presently only options for the 3rd and 4th level of the STAR trigger system. Fast signal readout does not seem practical for our device. Various triggers are being considered for the 3rd level. In the following I will try to describe these triggers and their effect on STAR. Comparisons to alternate triggers formed by other STAR detectors are drawn. After the trigger descriptions I will comment on the availability of the required code.

L3 Trigger Options

Availability of Possible SVT Trigger Algorithms

All the software listed above (except the fast cluster finder from Michi) exists only in (slow) TAS modules. These modules have to be stripped of their TAS structure and then bench marked on the prototype ALPHA board at UT. The cluster finder can be tested with the CYCLONE board. The focus of the ALPHA tests should be on the level 3 algorithms.