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Fast Tracking Code

  In the last few months the Fast Tracking code (rft) running in the TAS framework has evolved considerably. Even if the philosophy of the algorithms is the same a number of important changes have occurred resulting in a substantial improvement in performance.

Firstly it has been made a stand alone program (fft) to make its testing on L3 cpu's easier. At the moment all tracks are fitted with an algorithm assuming they are produced at the interaction point in the plane transverse to the beam. By default the interaction point is taken to be (x,y)=(0,0). The code has the ability to handle TPC sectors individually or the whole TPC as a whole.

The program has two major sections:

1. Setup The polar angle and a variable similar to pseudorapidity are calculated for each space point. In addition several pointers linking space points and other objects (rows,volumes0 are set.
2. Tracking The actual track finding algorithm is executed.

Pablo Pedro Yepes
Sat Dec 9 20:07:39 EST 1995