STAR Trigger Data Format

STAR Trigger Data Format:

08/13/98: HjC, EJ - Original proposal

08/14/98: JMN - Added header information

10/09/98: EGJ - Changed names of raw data blocks headers slightly and added

count of Npre and Npost raw data blocks 02/01/99: EGJ - Moved 2x2 bytes of Npre/Npost information into event descriptor so event descriptor length is modulo 8 bytes (useful for SCI) Defined some of internal structure of Trigger Summary Moved DSM data from TCU crate out of Raw Data block into Trigger Summary

09/28/99: HjC,ZM, JMN - removed byte limits rearranged byte counts and headers

12/06/99: ZM - cleaned up structures and moved ZDC data

12/21/99: zm - fixed length of raw data buffer, trg summary; made into html document.

1/13/00: zm - corrected to agree with trgStructures.h.