Trigger Data Flow Simulation -- Object Model

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Each box in the object model represents an object utilized in the simulation. Inheritence, or objects which inherit methods, parameters, etc. from other objects, is represented by a triangular connector. For example, (tpc svt xtpc), emc and tof inherit from the detector object. The tpc, svt and xtpc are grouped together since they operate essentially in the same manner within the simulation.

Connections involving diamonds represent objects which form parts of another object, for instance the trigTypeFifo, trigInterface and tokenQue are all part of the tcu. Connections between objects represent associations in the model with multiplicity of one. TBD signifies that the multiplicity is to To-Be-Determined, for instance in the case of the level1Cpu and level2Cpu this is an input to the simulation.

Boxes connected to associations by a semicircle represents an object which associates the two connected objects. For example, the level1QueManager is associated with a the level1Cpu through the transfer and manipulation of a level1Event object.

Here are the state diagrams for the critical objects in the model:

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J.P. Whitfield, Carnegie Mellon 4/20/95