last update 050131

RHIC Scaler Setup at STAR

The scaler connection to RHIC is in the RHIC rack in the DAQ room. As of 7 June 2000 we are sending the following channels to RHIC:

  1. ZDCE sum over threshold
  2. ZDCW sum over threshold
  3. ZDCE.and.ZDCW
  4. unk
  5. unk
  6. unk
  7. unk
  8. unk
  9. low M bit
  10. medium M bit
  11. high M bit
  12. unk
  13. PIN 1
  14. PIN 2
  15. PIN 3
  16. PIN 4

The connections to this scaler for the ZDC and M bits come to the back of the RHIC rack. These signals originate on the platform and are sent to the DAQ rom via a GLINK board.