17 Jan 2015: je

Power cycling the Trigger

  1. go to the slow contols machine, sc5.starp.bnl.gov, and launch the VME crate control panel by issuing the command vme_plat1 from a terminal window
  2. in the vme_plat1 that appears, locate the icon for the trigger crate that you wish to reboot. in the icon for that crate will be and on/off button. push OFF then ON
  3. if you need to power cycle all trigger crates; push OFF button for global trigger control icon then push the ON
  4. if you run into trouble contact chanaka deSilva (the slow controls expert)

    You can see if any processor is done by going to the startrg.starp.bnl.gov machine and clicking in its window and hitting return.
    If done, the prompt will appear.

The trigger should now be configured and ready to run.