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1 #ifndef __CINT__
2 #include "TROOT.h"
3 #include "StuDraw3DEvent.h"
4 #endif
10 void Draw3D()
11 {
12  gROOT->Macro("Load.C"); //< Load STAR framework shared libraries
13  gEventDisplay->Draw3DTest(); //< Invoke the built-in rendering test
14  gEventDisplay->SetDrawOption("{file:rotation.iv}");
15  gEventDisplay->SetFooter("STAR Event Display Example");
16  gEventDisplay->Print("Draw3DTest.wrl"); //< Save the 3D scene into the file
17  gEventDisplay->SetDrawOption("{view:all}");
18 }
void Draw3D()
Draw3D.C macro is to test STAR EventDisplay facility Valeri Fine ( ) ...
Definition: Draw3D.C:10
virtual void SetFooter(const char *footer)
Set the footer (caption) defined by the input footer text string.
Definition: StDraw3D.cxx:1603
void Draw3DTest()
The built-in quick test to check the application environment and test the basic methods.
Definition: StDraw3D.cxx:1178
virtual void Print(const char *filename) const
Save the current 3D scene using &quot;wrl&quot; file format.
Definition: StDraw3D.cxx:1032
virtual void SetDrawOption(Option_t *option="")
Set the varous drawing option. The method passes the input options to TQtCoinWidget::SetDrawOption me...
Definition: StDraw3D.cxx:1097