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1 {
2 //
3 // This macro generates a Controlbar menu: To see the output, click begin_html <a href="gif/demos.gif" >here</a> end_html
4 // To execute an item, click with the left mouse button.
5 // To see the HELP of a button, click on the right mouse button.
6  gROOT->Reset();
7  gROOT->SetStyle("Default");
8  TControlBar *bar = new TControlBar("vertical", "Control Panel");
9  bar->AddButton("Load STAR libraries",".x Load.C", "Load the share libraries with STAR base classes defintions");
10  bar->AddButton("Print view port size", ".x Get3DSize.C", "Print the total size of all 3D axice");
11  bar->AddButton("Read StEvent",".x EventRead.C(1,\"gtrack.event.root\")","Read StEvent objects from root file");
12  bar->AddButton("Make StEvent with tfs",".x bfc.C(1,\"gstar tfs\")","Make StEvent objects with tfs");
13  bar->AddButton("Make StEvent with trs",".x bfc.C(1,\"gstar trs\")","Make StEvent objects with trs");
14  bar->AddButton("Make StEvent with tss",".x bfc.C(1,\"gstar tss\")","Make StEvent objects with tss");
15  bar->AddButton("Draw ALL TPC hits",".x DrawTpcHits.C","Draw the global tracks by its helix object");
16  bar->AddButton("Draw tracks",".x DrawTrackTpcHits.C","Draw the global tracks by its helix object");
17  bar->AddButton("Draw g2t_tpc_hits",".x HitsDraw.C","Read STAF tables from XDF file and draw \"g2t_tpc_hits\" hits");
18  bar->AddButton("Add Axice","St_PolyLine3D::Axis();","Add 3D axice to the cuurent TPad view");
19  bar->AddButton("Shape demo",".x shapes.C","Run the \"ROOT\" GEANT shape demo");
20  bar->AddButton("Help on Demos",".x EventDemosHelp.C", "Click Here For Help on Running the Demos");
21  bar->AddButton("browser", "{b = new TBrowser(\"HALL\");}", "Start the ROOT Browser");
22  bar->Show();
23  gROOT->LoadMacro("PadControlPanel.C");
24  gROOT->SaveContext();
25 }