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1 #include "StEEmcElement.h"
3 ClassImp(StEEmcElement);
5 // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
6 StEEmcElement::StEEmcElement()
7 {
8  stemc(0);
9 }
11 // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
12 void StEEmcElement::Clear(Option_t *opts)
13 {
14  raw(0.);
15  adc(0.);
16  energy(0.);
17  stat(0);
18  fail(0);
19  stemc(0);
20 }
virtual void Clear(Option_t *opts="")
Clears the element.
Float_t raw() const
Return raw ADC for this element.
Definition: StEEmcElement.h:30
Float_t energy() const
Return the EM energy (towers) or energy deposit for this element (SMD,pre,post). If a fail bit is set...
Definition: StEEmcElement.h:34
StEmcRawHit * stemc()
Returns pointer to StEmcRawHit.
Definition: StEEmcElement.h:45
Float_t adc() const
Return the pedestal-subtracted ADC for this element.
Definition: StEEmcElement.h:32
unsigned stat() const
Return the status bit for this element.
Definition: StEEmcElement.h:36
Base class for EEMC detectors.
Definition: StEEmcElement.h:9
unsigned fail() const
Return the fail bit for this element.
Definition: StEEmcElement.h:38