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AgStarParticle Class Reference

Public Types

enum  Type {
  kGtGama = 1, kGtElec, kGtNeut, kGtHadr,
  kGtMuon, kGtNino, kGtCkov, kGtHion,
  kGtMonp, kUnknown

Public Member Functions

 ClassDef (AgStarParticle, 1)

Static Public Member Functions

static void Add (const char *name, const int g3id, const int type, const float mass, const float charge, const float lifetime=0., const float *bratio=0, const int *mode=0, const int pdgid=0)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 7 of file AgStarParticle.h.

Member Function Documentation

void AgStarParticle::Add ( const char *  name,
const int  g3id,
const int  type,
const float  mass,
const float  charge,
const float  lifetime = 0.,
const float *  bratio = 0,
const int *  mode = 0,
const int  pdgid = 0 

Add a particle to the G3 particle table

nameof the particle
g3idG3 id
typetrack type given by enum
massmass of the particle
chargecharge of the particle
lifetimein seconds
bratiobranching ratios
pdgid(optional) pdgid

Definition at line 72 of file AgStarParticle.cxx.

Referenced by StarParticleData::AddParticleToG3().

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