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AliHLTTPCCAMergerOutput Class Reference

#include <AliHLTTPCCAMergerOutput.h>

Public Member Functions

 AliHLTTPCCAMergerOutput (const AliHLTTPCCAMergerOutput &)
const AliHLTTPCCAMergerOutputoperator= (const AliHLTTPCCAMergerOutput &) const
int NTracks () const
int NTrackClusters () const
const AliHLTTPCCAMergedTrackTrack (int i) const
DataCompressor::SliceRowCluster & 
ClusterIDsrc (int i) const
UChar_t ClusterPackedAmp (int i) const
void SetPointers ()
void SetNTracks (int v)
void SetNTrackClusters (int v)
void SetTrack (int i, const AliHLTTPCCAMergedTrack &v)
void SetClusterIDsrc (int i, const DataCompressor::SliceRowCluster &v)
void SetClusterPackedAmp (int i, UChar_t v)

Static Public Member Functions

static int EstimateSize (int nOfTracks, int nOfTrackClusters)

Detailed Description

AliHLTTPCCAMergerOutput class is used to store the output of AliHLTTPCCATracker{Component} and transport the output to AliHLTTPCCAMerger{Component}

The class contains all the necessary information about TPC tracks, reconstructed in one slice. This includes the reconstructed track parameters and some compressed information about the assigned clusters: clusterId, position and amplitude.

Definition at line 28 of file AliHLTTPCCAMergerOutput.h.

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