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AliHLTTPCCAMerger::AliHLTTPCCASliceTrackInfo Class Reference

Public Member Functions

const AliHLTTPCCATrackParamInnerParam () const
const AliHLTTPCCATrackParamOuterParam () const
float InnerAlpha () const
float OuterAlpha () const
unsigned short NClusters () const
int FirstClusterRef () const
int PrevNeighbour () const
int NextNeighbour () const
unsigned char SlicePrevNeighbour () const
unsigned char SliceNextNeighbour () const
bool Used () const
void SetInnerParam (const AliHLTTPCCATrackParam &v)
void SetOuterParam (const AliHLTTPCCATrackParam &v)
void SetInnerAlpha (float v)
void SetOuterAlpha (float v)
void SetNClusters (unsigned short v)
void SetFirstClusterRef (int v)
void SetPrevNeighbour (int v)
void SetNextNeighbour (int v)
void SetSlicePrevNeighbour (unsigned char v)
void SetSliceNextNeighbour (unsigned char v)
void SetUsed (bool v)

Public Attributes

float ChiPrev
float ChiNext
unsigned char fInnerRow
unsigned char fOuterRow

Detailed Description

Definition at line 85 of file AliHLTTPCCAMerger.cxx.

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